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SuMantra Holistic

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I have 20+ years experience in various types of energy healing as a practitioner, mentor and teacher. Most of my clients have issues with complex-PTSD. My particular expertise is in issues involving sensitivity to the energy field (empathic abilities) and the taking on of negative energy. As a US Army veteran, I am also spearheading a sponsorship program to provide free holistic healing for military veterans and dependents struggling with the effects of combat PTSD.

Currently, my services include but are not limited to: energy field assessments, chakra balancing, energy clearing, hara alignment, generational healing, cancer mentorship, neurodiversity education, sensitivity issues, drum and dance therapy, and energy (life force) management

My real work in mental health awareness and care started when, at age 16, I prevented my mother’s suicide. Today, she is in her 80s and happy.

In the early 2000s, I began formal training in Healing Touch, an energy healing training program based on nursing protocol. Through the years, I’ve developed my innate intuitive abilities, which I inherited from my Balinese great-grandmother, who was an esteemed wise woman.

My healing work is built on my spiritual foundation as a long-time student of Sufism. This path of self-cognition encompasses my family and cultural background in Christianity (Catholicism), Balinese Hinduism and Islam. I have also been adopted into American Indian shamanism, Hawaiian Huna and Zen Buddhism. I am deeply involved in interfaith dialogue.

Since 2019, after learning to thrive post-breast cancer, I have dedicated myself to my mission in life: to improve mental health awareness and care through knowledge and practice of energy medicine

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